Kellee Santiago of the OUYA Console Talks Indie Game Development

Game developer Kellee Santiago has been a leading figure in the independent software community. As co-founder of thatgamecompany, she helped spearhead such groundbreaking titles as Flower and Journey for the Playstation 3 – two key releases that helped to solidify downloadable console games as an outlet for creative artistic expression outside the boundaries of traditional software distribution.

Today Santiago is the head developer of relations for the OUYA console, a vital role considering that the machine was made possible by crowd funding website Kickstarter. The OUYA is especially notable for its courting of the indie design community, with well over 400 titles released since this summer. We’ve even seen Full Sail alumni adopt the platform, with Computer Animation grad Zachary Burns releasing the critical hit Chess 2.

Our sister blog Get in Media recently spoke with Kellee about her role on the OUYA team, her history in independent gaming, as well as her work with Indie Fund, an online funding source designed to promote up and coming developers.



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