Just Launched: Recording Arts Grad Krishna Desai

Just Launched: Recording Arts Grad Krishna Desai



In FSBlog’s
Just Launched feature, we talk to brand new Full Sail graduates, right out the door from graduation, about what’s next for them as they head out into the workforce. This month’s Just Launched grad is Krishna Desai. 

Name: Krishna Desai

Degree Program: Recording Arts

Graduation Date: November 1, 2013

What’s Next: I leave for New York on Tuesday morning [today] to spend two months with my spiritual advisor. You can say it’s a vacation, but honestly I’m going to visit some studios in New York. It will be helpful to visit studios one by one, meet people, and give them my resume, and maybe something will open up for me. Then I come back to Full Sail in January to start a two-month internship with the Dubbing Stage. I had told one of my instructors that I was really interested in post-production, so he gave me the manager of the Dubbing Stage’s e-mail address. I was nervous about the interview, but Career Development helped me a lot, by telling me what to wear and helping me prepare for how to answer interview questions.

Before Full Sail: Back in India, I was an ADR Recordist/Foley Artist at QLab [one of the most popular post-production facilities in India]. I worked there for about 8 or 9 months, but I really wanted to learn more in depth. I was researching schools and saw that the people I admired in the audio industry (Gary Rizzo, David Farmer, Sebastian Krys) all studied at Full Sail, so I felt like Full Sail would be able to give me something that could help me stand next to these people.

Getting Involved: I became a member of Full Sail’s International Student Society and helped launch the International Mentorship Program. So many international students come here and have so many questions, like what type of clothes do I need to wear? What do I need to bring? How do I open a bank account? So – through the International Student Center – we match up current students with incoming students from their same country or degree program, so they won’t feel like they’re alone when they come here. We are trying to make them comfortable, so the only thing they have to do here is study hard and make their parents proud.

Down the Road: I’m really open to everything, and I’m applying to all of the big studios, both here in the US and in England, Australia, New Zealand, and India. I want to work with the masters of the industry, and be able to bring this technology back to India and help them make better movies. My ultimate dream is to work alongside Gary Rizzo. I think it would be great to be the “Gary Rizzo of India.”



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  1. Avatar Clint Gormley says:

    Good luck in all your endeavors Krishna and keep in touch with me! Can’t wait to work with you!

  2. Avatar Brian Rishel says:

    Yeah, congratulation. It’s good to know that Full Sail fallows through and gives you the ingredients to achieve your goals.

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