Just Launched: Recording Arts Grad Alexis Avallone

Just Launched: Recording Arts Grad Alexis Avallone




In FSBlog’s Just Launched feature, we talk to brand new Full Sail graduates, right out the door from graduation, about what’s next for them as they head out into the workforce. This month’s Just Launched graduate is Alexis Avallone.

Name: Alexis Avallone

Degree Program: Recording Arts

Graduation Date: June 7, 2013

First Job: I left Full Sail for New Jersey the Saturday after graduation [June 8], and I’ll be working as a stagehand for my friend, Sean Johnson, who owns his own live audio company. He runs the sound and microphones for several large corporate events, weddings, and live concerts that make their way through town. I’ll be setting up the rigs, running the cable, and catering to the artists. Throughout the course of the summer I’ll learn the board and eventually move up and run the board for shows. Summer time is heavy for him for live shows and weddings, so I’ll be his right hand man.

How You Got Your Foot in the Door: In high school [in New Jersey], I worked on a lot of live shows and met Sean, who did the same. I would go to shows and I’d stand by him near the boards and ask him questions. We also recorded a couple of pop-punk bands together and that’s how I decided I wanted to go to Full Sail. We kept in touch throughout my time here, and he told me if I was ever interested, he had opportunities for me. I was networking without even realizing I was networking!

Before Graduation: I did the accelerated Recording Arts program, which was a 20-month program with two courses a month in the last four months. It was definitely a lot of work. My favorite course was Advanced Interactive Audio. Tom Todia is an incredible instructor. I loved the sound design; it never really felt like I was doing work.

Down the Road: Within the next year, I want to have my name out there and at least be recognizable in the Northeast. I’d hopefully like to get my foot in the door at Marvel Comics in New York and work on sound design for them.

Long-Term Goal: I’d really like to be in California working at Pixar as a Foley Artist. That’s my dream.



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