Just Launched: Game Development Grad Michael Hicks

Just Launched: Game Development Grad Michael Hicks




In FSBlog’s Just Launched feature, we talk to brand new Full Sail graduates, right out the door from graduation, about what’s next for them as they head out into the workforce. This month’s Just Launched graduate is Michael Hicks.

Name: Michael Hicks

Degree Program: Game Development

Graduation Date: June 28, 2013

First Job: I’ve been working on a game idea since last September, so right after graduation, I plan on moving back home (to Southern Illinois) to work on developing that game full time. Last year, I released a game called Sententia in the Xbox Games Store. It was part of a promotion called the Indie Games Uprising, made up of a bunch of developers on the Xbox Live Indie Games Channel. We did pretty well, we were on a lot of news sites and in the official Xbox Magazine. I’m hoping to do my own thing and see how that goes, learning from the mistakes and triumphs of Sententia.

How You Got Your Foot in the Door: I’ve been dabbling with game development since my early teen years. My dad knows some programming languages so he got me started in it, then I bought some books and studied some code online. I was curious to see if I’d be able to make a video game. I released my first published game on the XBox 360 Indie Arcade, called Honor in Vengeance, when I was a senior in high school. Then in the summer of 2011, I released the sequel to that, Honor in Vengeance II, then decided to come down here and go to school.

Before Graduation: [Working on an indie game and on Full Sail school projects at the same time] was pretty hardcore. I’ve never been that stressed in my life. When I was working on my last game and promoting it, I was also working on a group project at school. It was worth it in the end. Besides developing games while in school, I also wrote some freelance articles for Game Developer magazine.

Down the Road: I’m not sure how long this project is going to take me, but hopefully within the next year I’ll have made some good progress.

Long-Term Goal: I’m hoping that the games that I make can sustain me enough to be full-time independent. We’ll see what happens!



5 thoughts on “Just Launched: Game Development Grad Michael Hicks

  1. Avatar Joseph P. Class says:

    Hope one day I’ll be able to go indie as well. So many great games came from indie developers, and I also want to be part of that. Wish you the best of luck Michael!

  2. Avatar Garry Johnson says:

    Greetings fellow Full Sailers,

    Have dual degrees in Film and Entertainment Business. Have an idea for an MMORPG that I would like to run by some game development people. Basically, I’d be the idea man and am looking for the technical assistance. Have access to people with general programming, graphic design skills, etc., but need people with game development knowledge/experience to round things out. If interested, email gscootjohnson@yahoo.com and we’ll talk further.

    Also, feel free to pass this on to fellow developers, classmates (ahead and behind you in program), etc.


    Scoot Johnson

  3. Avatar Alta Noble says:

    This is a very inspiring article about a game developer. Thank you for sharing such an informative post.

  4. A very relevant read especially to those who aspire to be a game developer. Thank you for posting. Cheers!

  5. Avatar PamelaHaley says:

    So, essentially FS one grad per year gets their dream job… out of how many students?

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