Just Launched: Film Graduate Daniel Gee

Just Launched: Film Graduate Daniel Gee




In FSBlog’s new Just Launched feature, we talk to brand new Full Sail graduates, right out the door from graduation, about what’s next for them as they head out into the workforce. This month’s Just Launched graduate is Daniel Gee.

Name: Daniel Gee

Degree Program: Film

Graduation Date: March 29, 2013

First Job: I just signed a deal yesterday [with C. Joy Productions] to work on a feature film called Waves of Grace. It’s a film about recovery that deals with a young girl wanting to change her ways. My title is Lead Man – I’ll be the guy that makes sure everything is set up properly on set. It’s in line with Art Direction. I start working on April 10, and the shoot is in New Smyrna Beach for four weeks.

How You Got Your Foot in the Door: Career Development set up a Q&A interview session with some key people from the production company, and from there, the company had asked if I’d come meet with the team and see if I would fit in. I interviewed with their Production Design team. They originally hired me as a Production Assistant, but decided to put me elsewhere afterward.

Before Graduation: I started looking for jobs a couple of months ago, and I’ve been interning with a business lending company called BoeFly since then. I saw their pamphlet and reached out to them to see if they were interested in hiring an intern. I work for them remotely: they upload video files and I edit them, then send them back the edited package and they post them to their website.

Down the Road: I’m moving to Pennsylvania in August and have an interview lined up with the Philadelphia 76ers’ video team. In the next five years I want to keep working and building up a core knowledge of the film industry. Ultimately, I’d like to set up my own production company where a group of individuals from multiple degree programs can all work together.

Long-Term Goal: I want to be running a production company but doing my own passion projects on the side. I’m really looking to utilize what I’ve learned at Full Sail and just go big or go home.