Just Announced: #MyBlueprint Instagram Contest

The Best of the #MyBlueprint Instagram Contest – So Far [Photos]

You’ve probably been asked before to describe yourself in one word. Easy enough. But what if you had to do it in one photo? That’s the premise of our new #MyBlueprint contest happening over on Instagram starting on Monday, May 13. Here’s what you have to do: Follow @FullSailUniversity on Instagram, take a picture of what you consider your life in one photo to be (the items that best define you), and post it to your Instagram feed with the hashtag #MyBlueprint. Be creative! There are a couple of examples shown in the banner image above.

Every Friday at noon, we’ll pick a random winner from the photos submitted and they’ll receive a Full Sail drawstring bag filled with a Full Sail T-shirt, Full Sail sunglasses, a $40 Steam gift card, a $25 iTunes gift card, and a $25 gift card to The HangR. When the contest ends on Monday, June 17 (at 11:59 a.m. Eastern Standard Time), we’ll pick two random grand prize winners who will each receive a Full Sail backpack filled with the prizes mentioned above and copies of Lincoln and Django Unchained on DVD and Bioshock Infinite for Xbox.

Throughout the contest, you can check out everyone else’s #MyBlueprint photos in a collage we’ll be creating over at fullsailblog.com/myblueprint. Our social media team will be sharing some of their favorite images on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter as well. Good luck!



6 thoughts on “Just Announced: #MyBlueprint Instagram Contest

  1. ThomasLoupe says:

    I’m all over this!

    1. Me too, the contest seems to be very creative and enjoyable. But what I like the most are the prizes. There should be more contests like this more often. 😀

  2. Seth says:

    You shouldn’t have to follow them on Instagram to enter. Some of us are poor and don’t have iphones with which to get on instagram. So I can’t make an account to follow them there.

    1. You know what? That is so true!!!. I haven’t thought about that. You are so true. and what about you sign in a PC? or ask a friend for a favor? 🙂

    2. You don’t have to have an iPhone to be on Instagram.

    3. Amy Cassell Amy Cassell says:

      Hi Seth, Unfortunately this particular contest is only limited to Instagram. If you’re not able to create an Instagram account, we do host other contests on Twitter and Facebook throughout the year, and those are open to everyone.

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