Joystick Labs Speaks with Students About Digital Game Distribution

As any student in any of Full Sail’s Game School degree programs can attest to, pushing a game from its inception to completion is no simple task. And while much of the challenge comes from some of the more technical aspects of game development (coding, debugging, etc.), the organization, guidance, and funding that are all necessary to complete a game can often seem like insurmountable obstacles to first-time game developers.

Enter Joystick Labs, the Durham, NC-based accelerator program dedicated to identifying and launching the next generation of digitally distributed video game companies. Full Sail recently welcomed the company’s Managing Director John Austin to campus to speak to gaming students about the Joystick mission.

During his lecture, Austin spoke to student’s about Joystick’s role in identifying, seeding, accelerating, and launching the next generation of best and brightest digitally distributed video game entrepreneurs through early-stage seed funding, mentorship, education, and networking. He also revealed that Joystick can provide selected developers up to $20,000 in seed funding and 12 weeks in the company’s lab to work alongside other teams, all while receiving legal, business, and startup advice.

Following his presentation, Austin took questions from the group of students and gave them more information to apply for Joystick Labs Accelerator status.