Joel Wyant: Lighting/Scenic Design at Southeast Christian Church

There’s never a dull moment for Joel Wyant at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY – and that’s just how he likes it.

Each week, more than 20,000 people attend services, concerts, and events across three campuses. Sure, their faith and devotion means they’re a pretty receptive audience; but a little pizzazz doesn’t hurt. That’s where Joel comes in.

“I work with a team to execute creative staging and lighting elements,” Joel says. “One minute I’m designing a stage layout for a Night of Worship and the next minute I’m on location for a music video shoot. We’ve done everything from a giant 5,000 water bottle LiteBrite display to something as simple as an evening with just small tungsten lights on stage.”

When he first graduated from our Show Production program, Joel considered going out on tour with bands, “but I realized that being on the road wasn’t for me so I applied for this job and got it,” he says.

“This line of work has been really appealing for me because I’m not idly sitting behind a desk; it’s hands on and it offers a different experience each day. The job challenges me in many areas, from being creative to being frugal, and I enjoy it all a great deal,” Joel says. “Plus, I continue to apply everything I learned at Full Sail on a regular basis.”



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  1. Nathan Graves says:

    Working for church lighting gives me deep satisfaction and happiness. BTW nice write up James.

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