Introducing New Hall of Fame Inductee Joey Morelli

Full Sail’s Hall of Fame ceremony is an annual event that honors the career achievements of a select group of Full Sail alumni. As we get closer to the 4th Annual Hall of Fame celebrations in mid-February, we’re going to showcase each of the grads chosen to be inducted this year. The ceremony will take place on Feb. 15, capping off a week of school-wide Hall of Fame-related events, so stay tuned to the blog to learn more about these exceptional grads and get info on the events that will be taking place during the Hall of Fame celebrations.  

As it stands, Joey Morelli is the only inductee of the Full Sail Hall of Fame to have appeared on the defining 80s cop drama Miami Vice. A pretty cool distinction on its own, but then his early acting career was really just the beginning of what has evolved into a diverse and successful run in the video postproduction industry.

It was while performing in television that Joey discovered a love for post – inspiring him to attend Full Sail for a degree in Digital Media. Following graduation in 1998, he set in motion a career that would see him work on high profile video content for the Golf Channel, the Miami Dolphins, the Florida Marlins, the Florida Panthers, and Nissan. That was before a rep from video game giant EA SPORTS tracked him down, and brought his skills into a completely different field.

Having since spent the past half decade at the studio, Joey has made an impression on many of the industry’s biggest game franchises. As Senior Video Editor / Compositor he’s created marketing clips and in-game videos for such hits as Tiger Woods PGA TOUR, Madden NFL, MMA, NCAA Football, and NASCAR Kart Racing. If you ask his two kids, that’s way cooler than Miami Vice.

“I got that postproduction bug and it’s just evolved,” Joey says. “Nothing happens by accident. You set yourself in motion and it just leads you to where you want to go. As long as you believe that you’re going to be successful, it happens. You have to want it with all your heart and never give up.”