Internet Marketing Student Wins 20th Century Fox’s ‘X-MEN ACADEMY’ Competition in Puerto Rico

Earlier this year, 20th Century Fox Film Campus Puerto Rico created the XMEN-ACADEMY – a competition for advertising, marketing, and public relations student to create a digital marketing strategy for latest installment of the Marvel franchise, X-Men Apocalypse.

“We are very pleased with the efforts of these students. Thirteen teams accepted the challenge to liven up our campaign,” said King F. Jusino, Director of Marketing for 20th Century Fox in Puerto Rico.

Internet Marketing bachelor’s student Jose Acevedo’s team X-Force won the competition after presenting their project to a panel of judges, comprised of representatives from a local marketing agency and 20th Century Fox. Jose’s teammate was his friend Keven D. Flecha Velázquez, a Communications major at the University of Puerto Rico, who is focusing on a specialization in audio and video. Jose explained that he and Kevin would meet up in malls and other areas with public Wi-Fi in order to complete their class assignments and work on their project for the competition.

Jose’s team worked on two projects for the competition, and the first aspect was modeled after the Humans of New York campaign. “It was a nerdy, funny twist on a heartfelt story, and we also used local influencers for it,” said Jose.

The second piece was a lifestyle blog about makeup and wardrobe inspired by the film and focused primarily on Mystique, one of the leading characters who is known for being able to transform her appearance at will.

“We had to brand the movie for the Puerto Rican market,” explained Jose. “It’s kind of like comparing different types of southern cooking. You will find different styles in different states; they’re very similar but yet so different.”

Jose and his team were able to work with 20th Century Fox after the competition for about three weeks to further develop their ideas, which will be used for marketing in Puerto Rico.

The common thread amongst all of our successful students and grads is that they’re constantly trying to better themselves in and out of the classroom.

Keep looking for different opportunities to show off your talents, and if you can’t find an existing opportunity then create your own. Start a blog, a Facebook page, or a Tumblr account. Start sharing things that you like and one day you’ll get chosen to do something that utilizes those talents,” Jose advised.

Put yourself out there and go for it; that’s all it is.”



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