Degree Spotlight: Internet Marketing

Program Director Rob Croll easily sums up the appeal of Full Sail’s online Internet Marketing program: “A lot of students who are interested in marketing recognize the fact that a lot of marketing is moving online, and that’s the place to be.”

The 28-month online Bachelor’s Degree program covers some traditional marketing practices, but the emphasis is on digital marketing concepts like social media, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, and more. The faculty’s goal is that students leave the program with a broad understanding of all of the things that could go into a digital marketing campaign.

Course highlights include Social Media Optimization, which teaches students how to utilize social media from a business standpoint, and Search Engine Optimization, which covers the practice of how to get a website ranked near the top of search engine results. “Getting ranked is something that everyone who has a website is trying to do,” says Rob. “Understanding what you need to do to make that happen is really important.”

In the final month of the program, students split up into groups and work together to launch a micro-business. They’ll decide what they’re selling (or what service they’re offering), create a complete marketing plan, then execute that plan by setting up a website, social media presence, or an e-mail marketing campaign. Some students have actually ended up launching the businesses they created for the project, and have continued to operate them post-graduation.

According to Rob, after graduating, a lot Internet Marketing Bachelor’s students have an interest in being entrepreneurs, while others work in social media and SEO or as consultants for marketing and advertising companies.

“The good things about the Internet Marketing program is that it gives them a broad exposure to everything,” says Rob. “They’ll leave in a position to sit down with a client and help them figure out a complete marketing program.”



3 thoughts on “Degree Spotlight: Internet Marketing

  1. Avatar Andrea Pignata says:

    Is it the same course that it is in EBMS?
    It’s really interesting!

  2. Avatar Ben says:

    That’s really insightful Rob, i liked it. I want to pursue this course but wanted more information about it, and this insight was really helpful;

  3. Avatar Anonymous says:

    I’m excited to start this degree in February 🙂 Cant wait to work in Marketing, PR, Advertising and be an internet entrepreneur

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