International Student Society Hosts Cultural Fair

Last month, Full Sail’s International Student Society (ISS) hosted a cultural fair and music festival in the Treehouse. The event featured informational booths and student representatives from nearly a dozen countries, including Colombia, India, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, and more. Students from all degree programs and backgrounds were encouraged to mingle with their peers and celebrate culture and diversity through the universal language of music.

Andres Obelmejas, a current Computer Animation student and member of the ISS, said that the event was a chance for him to share things about his native country of Venezuela that people might not often consider in light of recent political strife.

“I want people to focus on the good stuff,” he said. “We have an amazing culture, and a vast variety of climates. Mountains, snow, deserts, beautiful beaches— it’s a very pretty country. Also, the food is amazing and something I miss dearly.”

Nana Tanaka, a Mobile Development student originally from Japan, agreed that the event was a good way for those outside of the ISS to learn more about diversity on campus.

“It’s cool because so many local students are coming in and asking about us. We don’t often get a chance to communicate with people in other degree programs, and I’m enjoying the chance to represent Japan.”


Patrick Tunga-Lergo is a native Floridian and Web Design & Development student who attended the event as part of the Student Community Association.

“It’s a great way to get more insight into where others are coming from,” he said. “And it’s a good way to tighten up the community here at Full Sail.”



2 thoughts on “International Student Society Hosts Cultural Fair

  1. Avatar Pup Pup says:

    I’m so happy that we have a good event. The event that made from students so,we can communicate with people in other degree program. Also we can share the culture in a different country. Thank you for a good event.

  2. Avatar Barbara Escalona says:

    It’s very important the students share and enjoy the different cultures between them. The idea of the international students is support and help each other in what everyone need.

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