Instructor’s New Book Features the Work of 40 International Urban Sketch Artists

Urban sketch artists like Thomas Thorspecken don’t want to simply draw static images like shorelines or fruit bowls. Thomas, a Studio Artist for 2D Animation within the Computer Animation degree program, thrives on the hustle and bustle of people at parties, events, and performances.

A prolific artist and journalist, Thorspecken blogs about and sketches dance, theater, poetry, and pop performances and even other artists in their studios. Thorspecken’s work, which appears daily on his website Analog Artist Digital World, attracted the attention of publishers Barron’s Educational Series, who invited him to create a book about urban sketching.

Urban Sketching: The Complete Guide to Techniques, is a 128-page book available for pre-order on Amazon. The book, which will be released in March, explains the “nuts and bolts of sketching” in an urban environment and features Thorspecken’s commentary on the work of 40 other urban sketch artists worldwide.

Thorspecken, a former Disney animator, explained a bit about his process: “I do a very rough pencil version to begin with – the big shapes, the composition,” he says. “Then I go in with a pen and ink, and that’s the more sinewy line work, and then the painting. Half the time is spent on drawing, and half of the time is spent on painting.”

When the event is over – so is Thorspecken’s sketch. Thorspecken’s disciplined approach enables him to publish a new sketch on his blog every day. In fact, he hasn’t missed a daily post since beginning analogartistdigitalworld in 2009.

A fixture in the Orlando art community, Thorspecken has been featured in Orlando Lifestyle Magazine and was voted Best Local Artist by Orlando Weekly. He’s been interviewed by United Arts of Central Florida and in 2011, he was commissioned to paint a mural for Orlando’s Mennello Museum.

In March 2014, Thorspecken’s art (and book) will be exhibited at the Snap! gallery space within the Cameo Theater.