Inside Full Sail’s Writing Center

Writing is one of the most essential skills a person can cultivate. As a student, it’s how you demonstrate what you’ve learned. In the professional world, writing is how you communicate with superiors, peers, and clients. Whether you’re an experienced writer or someone just starting out, one of the best resources available to both campus and online students is the Full Sail Writing Center.

“We assist students with any type of writing that they have to do while at Full Sail. We can help them with academic writing like essays, research papers, or discussion posts for online classes. We also help students with creative writing, so things like short stories, flash fiction, and even script writing,” says Nicole Chapman, a Lab Specialist in the English department and Director of Full Sail’s Writing Center.

Students can book a Writing Center appointment up to 24-hours in advance through Connect. Campus students have the option to meet in person, while sessions with online students are conducted via AIM. The Writing Center also extends services to graduates looking to clean up their resumes or cover letters when applying to jobs. Once an appointment is booked, Nicole schedules a one-on-one consultation with either a member of the Full Sail faculty or a peer tutor. Peer tutors are Full Sail students who have shown an aptitude for writing, grammar, and syntax, and have completed a rigorous application process. According to Nicole, this community network of students helping other students adds up to a total learning experience.

“We don’t expect our students to know everything, and we don’t expect that of our tutors either. If a tutor encounters something they don’t know in an appointment, we encourage them to ask an instructor or look it up in a resource. This is good for the students as well. It shows them that if they hit a wall, there are tools available to help them figure it out,” she says.

The Writing Center also offers open hours in the library every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1-5 p.m. Students seeking help do not need an appointment to attend these open sessions. In addition to one-on-one appointments, Nicole and her staff offer open house workshops on the first Friday of every month. These are video training sessions that cover some of the most common challenges that students run up against in their writing, including comma usage, APA style citations, and basic grammar questions.

It’s important to note that seeking help at the Writing Center doesn’t mean you’re a bad writer. When you spend a lot of time on your writing, sometimes it can feel like you’re too close to the material. You’ve read it over so many times that everything starts to blur together. Having someone else look at your work can bring a little bit of distance to your perspective, which might reveal issues that you missed during the drafting process. Even good writers make mistakes, and the Writing Center staff is committed to helping you strengthen your work rather than tearing you down.

“We always focus on what’s working in a piece of writing before we offer suggestions on how to improve it,” says Nicole. “Our goal is to make students feel comfortable, so we ask them questions and allow them to lead the process through their answers.”



3 thoughts on “Inside Full Sail’s Writing Center

  1. Avatar Yurim says:

    wow I heard about writing center for international student in Full Sail. I don’t know both are same, but I think this is so good for student.

    1. Avatar Damián Esparza says:

      I agree with you Yurim, and I also think the writing is a essential tool for improve grammar, and really the people learn when correct their mistakes, so it’s very important try to write without fear.

  2. Avatar HyunKyung Kim says:

    Most international students need to improve English and it does not offer skills to them. But the writing center is really helpful for international students who study at Full Sail. They need a tutor who is going to teach writing to international student.

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