Influential motion picture title sequence designer Kyle Cooper presents at Full Sail’s DLXS lecture

After his critically-acclaimed intro for David Fincher’s 1995 film Se7en, motion picture title sequence designer Kyle Cooper cast a huge influence on the way that filmmakers can shape the opening moments of a film.


Full Sail recently welcomed Cooper to campus for the latest installment of the Designer Lecture Xperience Series in Full Sail Live. During his lecture, Cooper spoke about his years of experience in the industry and showcased a demo reel that includes work from films such as Spider-Man, Dawn of the Dead, The Incredible Hulk, Superman Returns, and Across the Universe.  He also spoke about his founding of creative agencies Imaginary Forces and Prologue (through which he’s served as executive producer and/or creative director on projects like Iron Man, TRON: Legacy, and Fast & Furious).

Following the main portion of his lecture, Cooper also connected directly with Full Sail students during an open Q&A session.

What’s your favorite title sequence from a film? Let us know.