Indie Horror Film ‘Solitude’ Co-Directed by Two Grads

Independent film has long been a breeding ground for horror, and a pair of 2011 Film graduates have gotten together to produce an innovative take on the genre with Solitude. Livingston Oden and Taylor Scott Olson co-wrote and directed the project, which is the debut feature from their production company Ensomhet Films, LLC.

The story plays out over the course of 75 years, jumping between six distinct time periods – each relating to a piece of land that’s haunted by an ancient evil. The twist is that the directors have chosen to recreate the look of classic period horror films as they cut to different eras. For example, the 1930s segment is an homage to Universal monster movies like Frankenstein, while the 90s scenes are shot with a handheld camera, similar to The Blair Witch Project.

Solitude is still in production, with regular updates posted on Facebook. You can check out the teaser trailer below.



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