iD Tech Hosts Recruitment Seminar [Spotted on Campus]

Summer can’t come quick enough for many across the country, and the staff at iD Tech are already preparing for the upcoming season by recruiting for their annual technology camps. This week we welcomed iD representatives Jen and Robbie Little to campus, where they hosted a seminar to explain their business model and employment opportunities to students.

Like a tech version of a traditional summer camp, iD Tech’s events are held nationwide and cover a range of topics like game design for iPhone & iPad, computer programming, film, Web design, 3D modeling, and more. They host separate camps for kids (7-12) and teens (13-18), and hired over 40 Full Sail graduates in 2013 alone – filling roles as teachers, assistants and more.

iD Tech events are held at colleges nationwide, including locations in the Central Florida area.



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