Horror Month: Top 5 Modern Horror Movies

This October we’re celebrating “Horror Month” on the Full Sail Blog. Stay tuned over the coming weeks for a series of features and interviews celebrating the best in horror entertainment.

Everyone has their own favorite scary movies, but we recently checked in with one of our resident horror experts on staff for his recommendations on the best films to watch in the evenings leading up to Halloween. Michael Ferraro is the course director for our Literary Techniques and Storytelling class, as well as a contributing writer to the horror site Bloody Disgusting.

Mike sat down with us to give suggestions for hosting your own horror movie marathons this month – broken down into classic, modern, and cult picks. We kicked off Monday with classic horror favorites, and continue today with his top five choices for contemporary horror films that brought the genre into the modern era.

1. The Thing (1982, dir: John Carpenter)

Not only is this, perhaps, the finest remake ever made, it’s one of the most surprising, tightest, tension-filled, and gory tales ever to hit the big screen. Definitely holds a record for some of the finest beards the 80s ever presented us with.

2. The Exorcist (1973, dir: William Friedkin)

The scariest possession film ever made, filmmakers have been trying to top it ever since (and none have succeeded).

3. Halloween (1978, dir: John Carpenter)

What’s scarier than a masked mental escapee murdering a street full of babysitters, without any clear defining motive? Nothing. And even though we learn in later sequels how Michael Myers is related to Laurie Strodes, his omniscient presence here is the definition of evil.

4. Night of the Living Dead (1968, dir: George Romero)

The original zombie classic, this film unleashes a group of flesh-eaters upon a house filled with interesting characters, each with their own flaws. Sure, this film has been copied hundreds of times since then, but there is no denying the power of this original classic.

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984, dir: Wes Craven)

Avoid the 2010 remake at all costs, and instead find yourself enveloped in this completely original (and violent) classic that started it all.



4 thoughts on “Horror Month: Top 5 Modern Horror Movies

  1. Avatar Bobby Washington II says:

    I can dig this list…The new modern horror movies aren’t scary at all…

  2. Avatar Dixielord says:

    Classic list with great movie, Halloween is the movie that scared me the most as a young kid

  3. Avatar Victor Cruz says:

    Nice list! “The Shining” still gets to me though, “Redrum, redrum, redrum….”

    1. Avatar Mike Ferraro says:

      “The Shining” was something I was going back for… in fact, if they had asked me for a list of six titles, that film would definitely be on there. I love it, and it creeps me out, but definitely in different ways than the titles on this list.

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