Horror Month: Top 5 Classic Horror Movies

This October we’re celebrating “Horror Month” on the Full Sail Blog. Stay tuned over the coming weeks for a series of features and interviews celebrating the best in horror entertainment.

Everyone has their own favorite scary movies, but we recently checked in with one of our resident horror experts on staff to get his recommendations for the best films to watch on the nights leading up to Halloween. Michael Ferraro is the course director for the Literary Techniques and Storytelling class, as well as a contributing writer to popular horror site Bloody Disgusting.

Mike sat down with us to give his picks for hosting your own horror movie marathons this month – broken down into classic, modern, and cult picks. Today we present the first installment, where he’s chosen five classic horror movies that established the foundations of the genre.

1. Frankentein (1931, dir: James Whale)

Sure, this film all but ignores Mary Shelley’s infamous novel, you still can’t help but be amazed by this production. It captures a sense of mood and intrigue like no other from its time.

2. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920, dir: Robert Wiene)

This silent film is sometimes credited as the first true horror movie. This surreal masterpiece (almost 100 years old) still gives me the creeps.

3. Freaks (1932, dir: Tod Browning)

What’s scarier than a group of circus sideshow freaks turning against you? Absolutely nothing. Be prepared.

4. Nosferatu (1922, dir: F.W. Murnau)

Before vampires were pretty and lame, they were hideous and terrifying.

5. The Haunting (1963, dir: Robert Wise)

Though the effects might not seem like a big deal today, this classic presented audiences with a unique, if horrifying, theatrical experience they weren’t quite prepared for.