Hall of Fame Inductee Jayson Whitmore Speaks with Students

Since graduating from three of Full Sail’s degree programs (Recording Arts, Film, and Digital Media) in 1999, Jayson Whitmore has done a lot. As the founder/Creative Director of Los Angeles-based motion graphics company Royale, he’s lent his creative vision and motion graphics skills to projects for clients like McDonald’s, Jet Blue, Nike, Pepsi, Taco Bell, and Comedy Central.

Jayson recently participated in the first installment of Full Sail’s new Full Circle lecture series. Joined by Royale co-founders Brien Holman and Jennifer Lucero, Director of Photography Andrew Turman, and Producer Rayna Saslove, Jayson took the stage in the Full Sail Live Venue for a three-hour presentation that touched on his professional path after graduation and his approach to creativity and inspiration.

The Royale team also played the company’s demo reel and broke down individual commercial spots, guiding students from the pre-production storyboards to the final finished products. They also spoke about the internal operations of Royale, and gave students an idea of the qualities they look for when seeking new hires. At the end of the lecture, Jayson and his partners also took questions from students during an open Q&A session.

With such a nonstop workload, it’s notable that throughout his career Jayson has maintained a strong connection to his alma mater, both through regular campus visits and by hiring several Full Sail grads to work for him at Royale. In 2009, Jayson was recognized for his hard work and dedication when he was inducted into the Full Sail Hall of Fame’s inaugural class.