Hall of Fame Grad Gary Rizzo Returns to Campus

When executed correctly, a film’s sound plays a subtle yet absolutely crucial role in capturing an audience’s attention and creating a truly mesmerizing viewing experience.

A select group of Full Sail students from the Film and Recording Arts degree programs recently received some key words of advice on this topic – among many others – from Gary Rizzo, the Full Sail Hall of Fame graduate who’s worked as Re-Recording Mixer on blockbusters such as Inception,TRON: Legacy, and The Dark Knight.

Gary participated in an intimate conversation inside the on-campus Dubbing Stage, recalling the beginning stages of his career and offering the insight that he’s gained from years of working in Hollywood, experience on dozens of films, and two nominations for Academy Awards (Best Achievement in Sound for The Dark Knight in 2008 and Best Achievement in Sound Mixing for The Incredibles in 2004). Throughout his discussion, he also answered questions from students about his favorite and most challenging projects that he’s worked on, the ins and outs of the industry, and how he has been able to maintain his passion and creativity over the years.