Grads Working at LinkedIn Say the Company Recruited Them Due to Their Profiles

Representatives from the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn, paid a visit to Full Sail’s campus this week. Two of the five LinkedIn employees were Full Sail grads Matt Hackmann and Derek Kohn. Both grads are based out of LinkedIn’s Mountain View, California office – not far from Google’s headquarters.

Matt, a Web Developer for LinkedIn’s profiles team, says one of his most recent projects was working on the site’s new ‘rich media sharing’ feature. With this tool, users can upload videos, images, pdfs, audio files – or links from approved providers, like Behance, SlideShare, and SoundCloud.

“It’s almost like a portfolio type of thing,” says Matt.

Making use of all of LinkedIn’s growing features not only helps employers get a better picture of you, says Matt, it also helps you stay active on LinkedIn. That matters when it comes to employers’ searches on LinkedIn, since activity affects ranking. “Being active with your profile is a better way to be found,” says Matt.


Senior User Experience Designer Derek Kohn, who works on LinkedIn’s education team, says his group’s latest product is the new ‘Find Alumni’ tool. Located within the ‘Network’ tab on LinkedIn’s homepage, the alumni finder is a search tool that can help you locate where graduates of a particular school, year, location, and field are now working. This is a great way to find new connections in your city or from your college, says Derek.

During a formal presentation, both grads talked to students about their career paths on their way to working at LinkedIn, and both say LinkedIn found them because of their own LinkedIn profiles.

“LinkedIn found me. It was totally out of the blue,” says Matt. “It pays to have all of your stuff up-to-date.”

“They sent me an InMail,” adds Derek. “So if you don’t check it, you’ll never know.”



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  1. Nice to see companies like Linkedin paying attention to schools around the US. I wish they did that more often in Europe as well.

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      Yeah, it was interesting and helpful for me.

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    I went to there 2days ago! Yes! I got a lot of great informations!

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      I missed this lecture. Can you share some information you think that is great?

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    Awesome! I love hearing about WDD grads!

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