Grads on This Weekend’s ‘True Detective’ Finale

HBO’s True Detective has become the latest hit from the cable giant, following in the footsteps of other acclaimed series like The Sopranos, Sex & the City, and Game of Thrones. The show stars recent Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey, along with Woody Harrelson and Michelle Monaghan, and will be airing its finale this Sunday, March 9.

A group of alumni have been part of the premiere season, including Joe Hagg (Film, 2009; production secretary), Harry Limauro (Film, 2001; assistant production coordinator), and Kristin Peterman (Film, 2011; production assistant), along with 2010 Full Sail Hall of Fame inductee Steve Cainas as production coordinator. Steve is a 1992 Film graduate and has been working in production roles for over two decades, with credits on previous television icons like Lost, as well as hit feature films.

Speaking about his experience on the new show, Steve offered, “True Detective was the best and most memorable 100 filming days in my career. We had a great time in New Orleans among a big staff of Full Sail grads. I’m pretty stoked about the project.”

True Detective premiered on HBO in January and has been greeted with widespread critical acclaim. The story follows a pair of Louisiana detectives on a 17-year hunt for a serial killer, and this weekend’s episode will bring that arc to a close – with the following season focusing on a new set of characters and situations.

“I’ve had so many random emails from family and friends to share how much they are enjoying it,” Steve says. “No doubt, HBO has become a leader in innovative television. They have a successful formula for investing in outstanding projects. Unlike episodic television, we had one director lead the vision from start to finish, allowing it to flow like a great film.”