Grads on Marvel’s Latest Hit ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

Marvel’s comic book adaptations have been a box office staple since the first Iron Man film debuted in 2008, and this spring saw the continued success of the series with the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This second solo entry in the Captain America franchise hit theaters on April 4, and has already taken in nearly $500 million worldwide, with many critics citing it among the best superhero adventures put to film.

We were proud to see that a number of Full Sail alumni helped contribute to this blockbuster, including some like Clarke Godwin and Lyndsey Pendley who previously worked on the first Captain America feature in 2011.”It was lots of fun and lots of work,” Clarke said. “Like with all Marvel movies there were VFX shots galore. They tend to be more work, but are also more exciting to work on. I had a great team that pulled together to produce another great film.”

The Full Sail grads on Captain America: The Winter Soldier were primarily involved with the visual effects team, and included:

  • Paul A. Baccam (Computer Animation; stereoscopic artist)
  • Maurice Cox (Computer Animation; stereo compositing artist)
  • Matthew E. Gill (Computer Animation; roto artist)
  • Clarke Godwin (Computer Animation; stereoscopic lead)
  • Lyndsey Pendley (Computer Animation; stereoscopic paint artist)
  • Joey Sila (Computer Animation; digital compositor)
  • Eric Timm (Film; stereo compositor)
  • Will Wallace (Digital Arts & Design; dynamic effects animation)
  • Marvin Yanez (Computer Animation; stereoscopic roto lead)
  • Andrew Zink (Computer Animation; lighter)

Graduates of our different degree programs have been involved with nearly all of the films in the Marvel canon, including previous hits like Iron Man 3, The Avengers, and Thor. Full Sail Hall of Fame inductee Laurie Brugger is also credited on their next release, Guardians of the Galaxy, in theaters this August.