Grads Help Deliver ‘Men in Black III’ for Memorial Day Weekend

The Men in Black franchise returns to theaters today for the first time in a decade, with Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, and director Barry Sonnenfeld re-teaming for Men in Black III. The film kicks off Memorial Day weekend with the series’ signature humor and outrageous visual effects, and we’re proud to see that over a dozen graduates contributed to bringing the characters back for a new generation.

In total 13 alumni worked on the production of Men in Black III, including location roles like costume production assistant and rigging electrician, as well over half the group helping to develop the film’s effects sequences.

This included Computer Animation grad Andrew Hwang, who spoke with us shortly before release about his work as a previsualization artist on the sequel. “The series is so much fun, and the effects for this one are really creative,” he says. “It also has a great sense of humor, so I know the fans will really like it.”

The 13 graduates credited on Men in Black III are:

  • Matt Bauer (Computer Animation; previsualization artist)
  • George Daratany (Film; production assistant)
  • Andrew Hwang (Computer Animation; previsualization artist)
  • Felix Jorge (Computer Animation; previsualization artist)
  • Jason Mohan (Computer Animation; visual effects artist)
  • Garrett Raine (Computer Animation; visual effects)
  • Patrick Redmond (Film; edge head technician)
  • Jason Rueda (Film; production assistant)
  • Patrick Smith (Computer Animation; post-visualization artist)
  • Yoshi Sonoda (Film; rigging electrician: second unit)
  • Lora Sorrentino (Entertainment Business; staff production assistant: second unit)
  • Frederick George Stuhrberg (Digital Media; 3D scanning)
  • Wade Sullivan (Film; costume production assistant)