Grad’s ‘Dead Space’ Game Trailer Featured on NBC’s InGame Blog

Most video game fans simply want to play their favorite games and maybe buy a t-shirt. Then there’s Eric Zargoza. This ambitious fan aims to create short film adaptations of games like Dead Space in what he calls Live Action Video Game Trailers (LAVGT).

Zargoza’s first project is a nightmarish homage to the Dead Space series, called Chase to the Death, which was shot using a recycled spaceship set from the sci-fi series, Firefly. He enlisted the help of more than 20 Dead Space fans to help crew the short film.

Prior to working on the project, Zargoza first received permission from Electronic Arts, the publisher of the Dead Space. He hopes the professional look of his first LAVGT will help him to work with other game makers directly in the future.

Chase to the Death caught the attention of NBC News Contributor Yannick LeJacq, who interviewed the Full Sail Film and Entertainment Business graduate. His story was featured on the NBC News technology blog, InGame.

Here’s an excerpt from the InGame interview:

“Dead Space,” with all of its allusions to sci-fi horror classics like “Alien” and “Event Horizon,” is one of those video games that seems perfectly suited for the big screen. Since it was released in 2008, after all, the game that popularized the term “strategic dismemberment” has been adapted for comic books, animated films, and two direct sequels. But one aspiring filmmaker and avid “Dead Space” fan wanted to do the game one better.

To read the entire interview on NBC’s InGame, click here. Articles on the fan film also appeared on polygon and gamezone.



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  1. Wow. So much talent. It looked amazing. The props are incredibly similar and he caught the essence of the original game. Such a nice job. I love Dead Space.

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