Grad Ricky Moson on the First Season of ‘The Blacklist’

The Blacklist premiered on NBC last September, and became one of the top-rated new dramas of the television season – averaging close to 10 million viewers per episode. The series has a lot going for it, with a range of talent helping bring it to broadcast, including series creator Joe Bokenkamp and director Joe Carnahan, as well as actors like James Spader as a rogue government agent and Megan Boone as his rookie partner.

The show was filmed in and around New York City and among the area crew helping support its first season was Film and Entertainment Business graduate Ricky Moson. Ricky is a member of Local 52, and was props assistant on 13 episodes of the series, including the pilot. With the finale of The Blacklist airing tonight at 10 p.m. on NBC, Ricky shared his thoughts and some photos from his work behind the scenes.

Blacklist was a lot of fun to work on as it was such a prop heavy job, so just being on set was great because I got to play with all the toys – tons SWAT and FBI gear,” he says. “Each day I would go through the call sheet and prep everything I’d need – all the vests, badges, guns. Then I would take care of all the background actors, prop them out, then stand on set right before all of the scenes to give the main actors their equipment, and make sure we were following safety guidelines with all the firearms. It was an intense shoot.”

The show’s different spin on the crime genre saw it nominated for a Golden Globe and People’s Choice Award this year, and will return in the fall of 2014 for a sophomore season. Its rich locations and narratives provided creative opportunities for the prop department, and Ricky is looking forward to coming back for future episodes. “I think this is such a unique series, and I had a great time with it,” he says. “It has a really smart set up that could have a lot of life as followers stay attached.”