Grad Mike Niederquell: What are you playing?



What do the artists who help make your favorite entertainment look to for inspiration? We ask our graduates who are working on blockbuster films, top selling albums, hit video games, and more.

Mike Niederquell
Recording Arts, 2005
Sound designer, Sony Computer Entertainment America
Credits: God of War: Ascension, Starhawk, Twisted Metal, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, Transformers: War for Cybertron

Full Sail: Outside of your own projects, what games have you been playing lately?

Mike Niederquell: I just beat Journey, which was beautiful. The thing about Journey is the simplicity. I’m sure it wasn’t a “simple” title to develop, but thatgamecompany has a knack for pleasing both the casual and hardcore gamer.

FS: As a sound designer are there certain titles that impress you audio-wise?

MN: I’m trying to catch up on Assassin’s Creed. There is some great audio work throughout this series. A couple others are Uncharted and Dead Space, because of their use of audio for pacing. These titles are great for letting sounds breathe a little before dialog is played or the next sequence is activated. It’s a subtle thing but truly helps when trying to make something immersive.

FS: Do you look to any other media for inspiration? 

MN: I don’t think a weekend goes by where I’m not in the theater. I’m constantly pulling inspiration from the film guys. I’ve found myself listening to a lot more subtle things lately, like how they pan a sound as the camera cuts from one angle to another.