Grad Michael Marras: Metal Sculpture Artist

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure; in Michael Marras’ case, it’s art in progress. “I create metal sculptures made mostly from scrap and found steel,” says Michael, a Computer Animation grad turned metal sculpture artist. “I do a lot of commission work but what I enjoy most are my personal pieces that I show in galleries.”

Most of Michael’s current personal sculptures consist of mechanical characters related to a specific story. “My process always starts with searching for materials in a junk yard or on the side of the road,” says Michael, who lives in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. “I try not to plan too much when I work; I always have reference for anatomy or a specific pose but I like to let the sculptures create themselves.”

The transition from Computer Animation student to sculpture artist may seem odd to some, but Michael doesn’t see it that way. “At Full Sail, I loved working in 3D on a digital format but I have always been more satisfied with traditional art mediums. Working there allowed me to sharpen my traditional art, which made me a better 3D artist. After going through the CA program and learning how to weld, doing metal sculpture came naturally to me.”

Inspired to turn the mechanical creations into works of art, Michael moved back to Akron to focus on his medium. “I really just wanted to see if I could support myself as a full-time artist. I felt like it would be much easier to do that in Akron where I have more resources and access to scrap steel. I was able to get a part-time job through a good friend where I can take off long periods of time to work on a show or specific piece.”

Michael’s next show is an art benefit in Cleveland but his work can be seen and purchased at Don Drumm Studios in Akron. “I am also currently working on a screenplay and a short for a story that I have been writing,” Michael says. “Most all of my metal sculptures are characters in this story and I continue to create more characters through my metal sculptures.”

You can visit Michael’s website to learn more about his art.