Grad Michael Cardwell: Emmy Winner and Owner of Market Match Media

Located in downtown Orlando, the windows of Market Match Media’s sixth floor office offer one of the more inspiring views of the city. It’s a creative space just to drop by for a visit, and obviously doing well for the team behind this successful video production company.

Market Match was founded by Entertainment Business graduate Michael Cardwell, who spent time working in Full Sail’s own in-house video team before branching out as an entrepreneur. He opened his doors to us recently and explained the philosophy behind the work he and his team are producing.

“Our mission is that we help businesses grow their promotional and educational content primarily with video and animation,” Michael says. “I think the difference is that our customer experience is excellent. A lot of people in this industry are the artist types, but they’re bad about listening to the customer. I believe that it’s our job to give them exactly what they want, and make the messaging more effective.”

Steadily growing the company over the past two years, Michael has filled out his team with a number of other alumni including Beau Benson (Digital Arts & Design, 2011), Ryan Jarman (Computer Animation, 2009), and Craig Tostige (Digital Arts & Design, 2012). Their credits have included some great work for local and national companies, including Florida Hospital, NPE, and Space Coast Credit Union. Among the team’s most recent successes is a promotional piece for Lone Survivor author/retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell.

“We work with this non-profit Boot Campaign, who help soldiers coming back from war get jobs,” Michael explains. “The women that started it read the book Lone Survivor, and got us in touch. Marcus Luttrell does a speaking tour, and we ended up creating this video that gets shown before he comes out on stage. We only had still photos to use, but took a lot of time to get it right and were able to do something really nice. We’re really proud of it, and with the movie coming out soon it’s a great connection for us.”

Coming off the Luttrell project, Michael scored his first Emmy win in November for a freelance project he worked on outside of the company – the documentary Esperanza. He acted as the project’s cameraman and helped created a well-received look at the impact of micro lending in the Dominican Republic. The statue itself sits proudly on his shelf at Market Match, and is both a validation of his work to this point, and also inspiration to keep leading his team to produce evocative work for their clients.

“The Emmy win was great for me personally, and hopefully it all comes back to the company,” he says. “What we’re focusing on for the next year is wanting to continue to grow and really tap deeper into the Orlando market. There’s a lot of businesses here, and they all need video. Orlando’s a cool city and I’m excited by that potential.”




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    Congratulations to Mike and the Market Match team! Their accolades are well deserved.

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