Grad Maxwell Lloyd: VP of Marketing and Design at Appcasters/Ahkeo Ventures

“I think my favorite thing about this industry is simply the potential.”

Digital Arts & Design grad Maxwell Lloyd is talking about the mobile app industry, a technology sector with recent growth that can only be categorized as explosive. “It is such a new industry and there is endless room for ingenuity, which makes it unique because everyone is learning this stuff around the same time.”

Maxwell is definitely learning faster than others. As the VP of Marketing and Design at Appcasters/Ahkeo Ventures, he’s designing mobile apps that are leading the charts in terms of downloads and popularity.

“Our most recent success is with one of the brands called Appcasters,” said Maxwell. “I was the art director for a mobile app project called MyPlay Chef HD, a fun, simple and interactive cooking game for kids that is currently the #1 free app in the Android education category and has recently broken into the Top 100 of new apps.” The app, which was entirely designed and interfaced by Maxwell, recently hit 250,0000 downloads on Android devices.

When he first took the job after graduating two years ago, app design was still in its infancy. The company started by creating a fitness app, which gained some popularity, and then some bigger ideas for mobile apps started brewing. Before long, Maxwell and his team were becoming major players in an industry he has grown to really love.

“It appeals to me in a similar way that a lot of design projects do, and that’s seeing your creativity and work come to life,” says Maxwell, who had his niece test MyPlay Chef HD when it was in the development stage. “Watching her having a blast with it on the iPad and being able to see how others would have fun with the app was a really cool experience for me.”

While his role can be hectic at times, Maxwell is really happy with the direction his career has taken. “I love the sense of satisfaction that comes from creating a well-done app,” says Maxwell. “The market is quickly becoming saturated, but there are always those that put themselves above the rest and lead you to think, ‘I wish I’d thought of that.’” Lucky for him, Maxwell is one such innovator.