Grad Mark Progano at Web Company Think Around Corners

Mark Progano has a unique job title. The Internet Marketing grad is a “DevGeek” at Think Around Corners, a web development company that specializes in analytics, strategy, and conversion optimization that promote different marketing efforts. Mark says that, as a DevGeek, “my primary job is to build web apps and write programming code for the web that will better serve our clients’ campaigns.”

Mark got his job at Think Around Corners before he even graduated from Full Sail, and has been working at the Danbury, Connecticut company for almost three years. During that time, he has collaborated with several big-name clients on projects that have given him extensive experience in a wide range of Internet work.

“A big beer company created a campaign for music events that they were holding, and I created a web app for the campaign that was a social media ‘wall’ where they could upload content. People could also sign up for the event and be sent e-tickets,” says Mark about one of the larger campaigns he’s worked on.

Another key part of his job, says Mark, is keeping up with current Internet movements to properly serve his clients’ campaigns.

“We follow trends closely to see what the next big thing will be,” he says.

The work isn’t slowing down for him either, as Mark has several other large projects on the horizon.

“Next up are Facebook apps for several other campaigns, including feminine products, a rap artist, and an insurance company,” he says.

In addition to the projects, Mark has also enjoyed being able to stay involved in the Full Sail community through the company. Think Around Corners has been holding webinars on campus, including an upcoming event on November 14 for our Internet Marketing programs.

“I still talk to my teachers a lot – they give great input and are great friends,” he says.