Grad Lydia Bender: What are you listening to?



What do the artists who help make your favorite entertainment look to for inspiration? We ask our graduates who are working on blockbuster films, top selling albums, hit video games, and more.

Lydia Bender
Show Production, 2007; Music Business, 2008
Coordinator, International Marketing – Sony Music Entertainment

Full Sail: What new artists have you discovered this year that really stand out?

Lydia Bender: Some of the newer additions for me are Wye Oak, Worriedaboutsatan, Expatriate, Rebecca & Fiona, and the Dirges. Every band or song I’m attracted to has that mystical combination of having a catchy tune, and if applicable, lyrics that relate to my personality.

FS: How do you find the majority of your music?

LB: I endlessly click through related artists on providers like Spotify or Pandora, and utilize Soundhound wherever I can, but sometimes going to random live shows just can’t be beat. I’m usually not looking for anything in particular, just good, solid music. If I’ve been listening to punk all day but stumble upon an awesome indie singer/songwriter, so be it.

FS: Does being in the industry make you more critical of new music, or more open to it?

LB: Decidedly more open. Being closed minded about music – I’m not sure there’s room for it in the industry. I get to hear music from all genres and from around the world, and there’s something in each if you give it an honest chance.