Grad Launches Caribbean Radio Show in Multiple Markets

Recent Film grad Candice Buchanan is a familiar face to people in her native Jamaica and even in other parts of the Caribbean. That’s because prior to coming to Full Sail, she had a firmly established television career in Jamaica – first as an overseas correspondent, and later as a TV producer and host of several variety shows connected to Caribbean Billboard Music TV and BET.

“I’ve been like the Ryan Seacrest of the Caribbean,” jokes Candice.

Now with the launch of two new radio shows, she is also becoming a familiar voice to the Caribbean diaspora in the U.S. and among American reggae fans. Candice produces and hosts two separate shows, both called “The Candice Buchanan Show,” which air on WIGO 1570 in Atlanta (the Atlanta Broadcasting Network) and WOKB 1680 in Orlando.

“It’s a young people’s show with the latest ‘dancehall’ and reggae tunes and Soca (traditional music from Trinidad). I deliver music from all over the Caribbean,” says Candice. She also gets to debut music, she says. “The music that I’m playing, nobody else is playing. I know the producers, so I get the music first.”


As part of her show, Candice reports on Caribbean entertainment news and interviews musical artists and other notables from the region. Her recent guests have included members of the Jamaican group T.O.K., Tessanne Chin (a finalist on The Voice), Executive Producer for Caribbean Wives of South Florida Maxine Tulloch, and reggae singer Tarrus Riley.

“Tarrus Riley is the son of a reggae icon. His [father’s] name is Jimmy Riley; he was around during the time of Bob Marley and those people in the ‘70s,” says Candice. “[Tarrus] is one of the largest voices in reggae music, especially in Germany, Italy, Japan – he is huge over there.”

Candice says she eventually wants to branch out into television again. Using her film training, she is developing a documentary series on the Caribbean diaspora in the U.S., which would serve as a travel guide for visitors.

“I’m exposing little pockets of the Caribbean community all over the U.S. and eventually the globe,” says Candice. “I want to be in every single country in the Caribbean. I want to represent every Caribbean nation.”



3 thoughts on “Grad Launches Caribbean Radio Show in Multiple Markets

  1. Avatar Maxine J. Tulloch says:

    This is fantastic Candice. Girl you are on fire, keep reaching for your dream. Don’t give up. That’s not in your blood anyway, so i’ll see you at the top.

  2. Avatar K.G. says:

    Congrats Candice! You make us Film grads proud! Keep it up!

  3. Avatar epeets says:

    You’ve already been putting in great work before you even got the degree. All will pay off huge in time! Congrats on your new shows and I have the greatest hopes for your future endeavors.

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