Grad Jason Wagner: Audio Specialist at New World Symphony

Sit in the audience at a live orchestral performance and you might think that all those violins, trombones, and clarinets are solely responsible for the great sound you’re hearing. But in actuality, the sound techs deserve at least a little of the credit. Jason Wagner, Audio Specialist for New World Symphony in Miami Beach works hard to leverage the acoustics to make sure that the classic notes that pour from the stage resonate as richly as possible.

“My position has two parts: Production Technician and Audio Specialist,” says Jason, a Show Production grad. “I help set up all program activities and events, including symphony chairs and stands on stage, meetings, parties, and rental events.” Working with Director of Audio Roberto Toledo and Audio Specialist Alan Miller (another Full Sail Show Production graduate), Jason is also responsible for all audio elements within New World Center.

“We have two main performance spaces, each with their own system, a full building background music and paging system, and we run the park system outside the building, which is owned by the city of Miami Beach,” he says. Jason started at New World Symphony about a year ago after applying for the job online. Now, besides doing work that he loves, he’s found a new passion for classical music.

“The music really appeals to me and it’s great to be around so many people who are passionate about what they are doing,” he says. He’s also loved getting to work with the industry’s most cutting-edge technology and equipment. “The building is just about two years old, so all the equipment is still pretty new and exciting to learn and use.”

Besides the orchestra’s regular season of indoor and outdoor performances, Jason has been given the opportunity to work on a few other exciting projects, such as Pulse, an event that mixes in a DJ along with the orchestra. “These events require more audio elements, which make the setup and operation more technically exciting for me.”