Grad Jameson Durall: What are you playing?



What do the artists who help make your favorite entertainment look to for inspiration? We ask our graduates who are working on blockbuster films, top selling albums, hit video games, and more.

Jameson Durall
Game Development, 2001
2011 Full Sail Hall of Fame inductee
Lead level designer, Volition Inc.
Credits: Red Faction: Armageddon, The Godfather: The Game, The Simpsons Game, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath

Full Sail: What games are you currently playing?

Jameson Durall: I have a backlog I’m trying to get through. On Xbox 360, I’m about 30 hours into Mass Effect 3 and am focusing on experiencing all of the content. I also recently picked up Final Fantasy Tactics for the iPad, one of my all time favorites. I have Diablo III installed, but have yet to play since I know it will consume all of my time.

FS: What are you most enjoying about Mass Effect 3?

JD: The thing I love about the Mass Effect series is the ability to create MY story line and play through all three games knowing that it will be a unique experience to me.

FS: Do you find it helpful as a game developer to keep up with the latest releases?

JD: Focusing on current titles is important so I can see the constantly evolving quality bar that’s put out by the industry. We are always learning new things.