Grad James Fryer: Bringing Musicians Together at

Grad James Fryer: Bringing Musicians Together at

If you ask 2008 Music Business graduate James Fryer to describe, he’ll tell you that it’s like online dating for musicians.

Well, minus the dating.

“It’s basically a musician matchmaking website for bands seeking musicians or musicians seeking bands,” says James. “Artists can get in contact with each other, play gigs, whatever they’re looking for.”

Anyone can create a profile for free, but in order to contact other artists, members pay a small membership fee. It’s one of the many websites owned by Echo Media, a Knoxville, Tennessee company formed in 2004. James has worked for Echo since 2012, when he was introduced to the CEO by a mutual friend.

“It’s funny, because I moved back home [to Knoxville] after graduating and had a similar idea for the same type of website,” says James, “and one of the managers at the restaurant I was working at told me one of his best friends was already doing something just like that. So he introduced us, he told me he had an opening, and that’s how I got the job.”

James’s responsibilities include everything from answering technical support questions from users to updating the website to managing the company’s social media accounts. As of late he’s been helping out more with BandVista, the company’s new site that helps bands and musicians create their own websites. As the company continues to expand, they hope to organize live shows and other promotional events, and James will have a hand in planning those.

James credits Full Sail’s Music Business program for helping him get to where he is today, teaching him not only about promotion, but about the technical side of things as well, like how to use HTML.

“After studying music business, I set out to find a way to make things simpler for musicians,” says James. “And working for a company that has a product that helps do that has been pretty gratifying.”



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  1. Avatar Marco Rivera says:

    James Fryer had a great idea! I like the website and know the people have thousands of possibilities to connect with the right musicians.

    1. Avatar Ilshat Iminjan says:

      HI Marco~ I saw this article it‘s cool.

    2. Avatar Daniella says:

      Hi Marco,

      Very interesting article.

      I really like it.

    3. Avatar Naomi Ly says:

      You are right! James Fryer is so cool and professional. And the BandMix is very important in music industry.

  2. Avatar Naomi Ly says:

    BandMix is run by cool guys. If you’re a musician, you need to know about BandMix. BandMix, because the partnership makes sense and because the value they provide musicians is real, efficient and necessary. BandMix is an example of how the music industry is harnessing new technology and the fact we are all now interconnected to benefit musicians and the entire ecosystem.

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