Grad Felicia Travaillot: Senior Marketing Analyst at Sony Latin America

Ever hear the expression “never look a gift horse in the mouth?” That’s exactly the advice Felicia Travaillot followed when she took a temporary marketing coordinator position at Sony Latin America after being laid off from Warner Bros in 2009. “I needed to pay the rent so even though it was a lower position from what I had held before, I took it. I was just happy to have a job.”

An eternal optimist and one who has always tried to do the best with the cards that are dealt to her, Felicia gave the position her all. “I think there is a reason we arrive at certain places in our lives, I really believe that,” she says. As the months and years peeled away, temporary turned to permanent, and promotions and pay raises were given. Four years later, Felicia is now running her department as a full-time Senior Marketing Analyst. Based at the Miami headquarters for Latin America, Felicia manages all of Latin America with the exception of Brazil.

“I work in conjunction with agencies, internal marketing groups, legal, and regional webmasters for mostly above-the-line marketing campaigns and product promotion initiatives,” says Felicia, who is part of the business-to-business side of Sony. “I also direct and coordinate all aspects of trade shows and corporate events.” Turns out event planning is her passion. “I enjoy planning and coordinating all the details of events to see them finally come alive the day of the event. It’s very gratifying and although stressful; I get such an adrenaline rush from it.”

She’s also revamped and now manages the website, including content development, metrics analysis, and initiatives to increase traffic. “I love having the ability to put into practice what I studied at Full Sail the last year while getting my Masters in Internet Marketing,” Felicia says. “I have the ability to make the website the best experience for our customers, a great tool for our sales and marketing source and to perpetuate the ability to help make sales and capture leads.”