Grad Elizabeth June Appears on CBS’ ‘Criminal Minds’

If you saw last night’s episode of the hit CBS drama Criminal Minds, you just happened to catch the primetime dramatic debut of actor and Entertainment Business Masters graduate Elizabeth June. Elizabeth appeared early in the show as college professor Dr. Grant, and introduced series’ lead David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) to an auditorium of students.

“It was just a couple of lines, but it’s the beginning of my return to my first love – acting,” she says.

Elizabeth is a longtime performer, having trained at the prestigious Actors Studio Drama School in New York City. While she’s been mainly focused on production side of the industry since graduating from Full Sail – writing and producing the short film Jitters – she’s recently reconnected with her dramatic roots, leading to an audition for Criminal Minds.

“I flew to Los Angeles for a week long workshop called L.A. Connection, sponsored by Actors Connection in New York,” she says. “While there I auditioned for Scott David, the Criminal Minds casting director. He called me back to meet with the producers of the show and I got the part.”

Elizabeth was on set for three days, including one day for a costume fitting and table read of the script with the cast, followed by two days of filming. “[The highlight was] meeting Joe Mantegna who plays Rossi,” she says. “He is so down to earth, friendly, and encouraging.”

In addition to pursuing further acting roles, Elizabeth continues her work as an independent filmmaker, and is currently putting together her follow up to Jitters with the help of other Full Sail alumni, including her husband Jason S. Williams and producer Sam Negron.