Grad Daniel Corey Takes ‘Moriarty’ to San Diego Comic-Con

Daniel Corey recently attended the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International in support of his popular comic book, Moriarty, published by Image Comics. The Full Sail Digital Media grad is the creator and author of the series based on the classic Sherlock Holmes villain, and was on the show floor with artist Anthony Diecidue meeting with fans and industry professionals.

We caught up with Daniel a few days after the event, and he gave us a snapshot of what it was like being in the middle of one of the industry’s largest annual conventions.

Full Sail: What were you doing during Comic-Con this year?

Daniel Corey: Since Image’s philosophy is to publish creator-owned works, they really want to showcase their creators there. So they got a ton of space on the floor, and there were at least 30 of us at their booth signing books and talking to people all weekend.

FS: Did you get much time to look around the expo yourself?

DC: I cruised the floor whenever I could. Some mornings before the crowd came in I’d snap pictures of all the stuff you couldn’t get to when people arrived. I also had a nice time talking to the other artists. One of my highlights was meeting Bear McCreary, the composer for Battlestar Galactica and Walking Dead.

FS: Why is it important for you to be involved in events like this?

DC: It’s about having that face-to-face contact. I’m just a guy there telling people about what I’m doing and what brings joy to my life, which is putting out this book. Talking to several hundred people one on one really makes a difference, then hopefully they’ll tell all of their friends and comic shops in their home town all over the world.

FS: What was your favorite part of the Comic-Con experience this year?

DC: It was the moments when folks opened up to us to tell us how much they loved the book, and how much it meant to them that this kind of work was being done. That’s always a great feeling.