Grad Daniel Corey Showcases at New York Comic Con


This October comic book creator, and Full Sail Digital Media graduate, Daniel Corey continued his tour of the year’s major industry expos, heading to New York Comic Con in support of his Image Comics series Moriarty. Daniel had his own booth along the show’s “Artist’s Alley,” where he was able to meet with fans and other authors, as well as distribute copies of Moriarty comics and trade paperbacks.

“I had a great time at the show,” he says. “I had some [business] meetings and sold out most of my inventory of books – no complaints at all.”

Following the expo, Daniel checked in with us to share a few photos from his booth, run-ins with fans around the convention hall, and a stop by one of the city’s premiere comic book dealers.

“My table in Artist’s Alley at New York Comic Con.


“With cosplayers portraying Molly Hooper and Irene Adler from BBC’s Sherlock.


“Daenerys from HBO’s Game of Thrones.”

“Me at Forbidden Planet in the East Village in New York City. They have Moriarty in stock!”