Grad Chris Zuppa: Design and Animation at a Major Boston Ad Agency [Video]

Grad Chris Zuppa: Design and Animation at Major Boston Ad Agency

Chris Zuppa knew when he moved back to Boston after graduating Full Sail with his Digital Arts & Design bachelor’s degree that the job hunt wouldn’t be easy. He had his sights set on working at a creative agency, and wondered if perhaps New York or Chicago would be the better choice. But in October 2011, Chris happily accepted an internship/freelance position at Viewpoint Creative, a creative services agency based in Boston specializing in entertainment, lifestyle, and leisure brand advertising and marketing.

“About a month and a half in I was offered a full-time position,” Chris says. Needless to say, he accepted the offer and was immediately assigned to some major projects.

“Starting out it was a little intimidating. My first project was a Jumbotron graphic for the New England Patriots,” Chris says. “But you get used to the pressure and seeing the end product makes it all the more satisfying.” Over the last two years he’s worked on everything from designing for pitches, animating TV promos, and working on network rebrands. Working with a client list that includes Lowes, FOX, HBO, Travel Channel, and MTV.

“All the projects are fun; it’s hard to pick and choose. But I recently worked on some pre-show graphics for the VMAs. This was cool because I knew exactly when it would air and was able to tune in and watch it live. It was great seeing all the graphics I had worked on.”

Always focused on growing and upping his game, Chris recently decided to move on from Viewpoint Creative, something he was very transparent about with his bosses. “I started to feel like I needed bigger challenges,” says Chris, who began interviewing at Mullen, another Boston based ad agency with a client list that includes Google, Acura, Jet Blue, and Adidas. He just accepted an offer for an animator position in their broadcast department.

“It’s a huge ad agency. I am very excited about the amount of possibilities ahead of me and the connections I will make,” Chris says. “This could be a stepping stone to an Art Director position and potentially a Creative Director position down the line, although I have a lot of years ahead of me before that happens. Job market wise, there aren’t a lot of companies that do the kind of work I do in Boston, so I feel very fortunate.”

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