Grad Candie Price on ‘Priceless’ Public Relations and Educating Her Clients

Grad Candie Price on 'Priceless' Public Relations and Educating Her Clients

After working in public relations for several years, Candie Price had a knack for spotting good opportunities for her clients. But it wasn’t until early in 2014, during a stint at a Birmingham, Alabama-based marketing firm (and one month prior to graduating from Full Sail’s online Public Relations master’s degree program), that she saw an opportunity that would change the trajectory of her career.

“I was motivated by seeing the countless number of new business owners, authors, and ministries that needed help with PR, but couldn’t afford large firms to represent them,” she says. This revelation led Candie to launch Priceless PR & Marketing Consulting, a company that focuses on providing marketing services to Christian authors, entrepreneurs, artists, and churches.

Priceless PR places a particular focus on not just providing services for its clients, but educating them so that they can equip themselves with 21st century tools like Instagram, Pinterest, and video. “As a consulting firm, 85% of my services are teaching and training – whether it’s one-on-one with a client or via a workshop or conference,” Candie says. “With technology and social media, PR and marketing have been forever changed. The good news, in my opinion, is that it allows for so much more creativity in helping brands be successful. It’s a very exciting time to work in this profession.”

Though getting her master’s degree was no easy feat considering her schedule (a full-time job, a busy home life, and heavy involvement with her church), the experience is one that Candie feels ultimately set her up for the path that she is on today. Though she had already been working in PR for seven years prior to going back to school, she credits Full Sail with giving her the confidence to start her own business.

“What I loved most about the program is that it was hands-on and not just academics only. For instance, learning how to film, edit, and produce a video was intimidating to me at first. Working at other companies, there’s always someone else who does that,” Candie says. “Full Sail gave me the ability and confidence to do it on my own. At one point during the program I was learning things and actually using that knowledge for clients at the firm I was working for.”

Helping clients and businesses share their stories with the world has been a gratifying experience for Candie, and one that especially resonates now that she is the CEO of her own company.

“Running your own business is scary, but it’s so liberating to be your own boss. It’s something that I wouldn’t change for anything in the world. I work more and longer hours, but at the end of the day, I have to make sure that I have given it my all and that my number one client is well-represented,” she says. “And that client is me!”