Grad Brandon Camacho on the Winning Team at Indie Galactic Space Jam

Last month, the 2nd annual Indie Galactic Space Jam took place at the Melrose Center in downtown Orlando. We’re proud to announce that Brandon Camacho, a recent graduate of Full Sail’s Recording Arts degree program, was a member of the winning team that took home a grand prize of $5,000.

The four-day event, sponsored in part by Space Florida, Microsoft, and Indienomicon, began on Thursday, August 13 with a kick-off party at the Orlando Science Center.

“My favorite part of the kick-off party was meeting all kinds of people from different parts of the world,” says Brandon. “I met two guys who I later spent a lot of time with at the Space Jam. One was from Singapore and the other was from Switzerland. They’re both actually students of Full Sail in the Recording Arts and Music Production degree programs.”

On the evening of Friday, August 14, participants pitched their game ideas and assembled into teams. The groups then had 48 hours of collaboration to bring their ideas to life.

“Everyone was allowed to be a part of three teams maximum. And since I’m an audio engineer, and every team needed sound, I decided to join three teams,” explains Brandon. “I wouldn’t say I have development talents in terms of creating an actual game, but I do consider myself part of the development process – just on the audio side of things. Sound is an important part of the experience; a game without audio just isn’t a game.”

The winning team, he says, was composed mostly of participants who’d already formed their team prior to signing up for the event. “They were all talented individuals, but I didn’t get to know them that well, because we were all busy doing our own work – it was mostly all work and no play.”

“When they were about to announce the last prize, and I heard the name of the game that won, my first thought was, ‘Did I work on that game?’ I looked at my team and saw their faces full of surprise and shock. They started jumping and screaming, and I had the biggest grin in the world. I couldn’t believe we had won the grand prize.”



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