Grad Arthur Luna in the Studio with Shakira

Arthur Luna had a good summer last year, with the 2013 Recording Arts graduate working on new music with international pop star Shakira. The results of those sessions can be found on her latest album Shakira, which was just released this week.

Arthur collaborated as recording engineer alongside veteran artist/songwriter/producer Carlinhos Brown on the track “La La La (Brasil 2014), and shared his memories of their time in the studio.

“Shakira is an amazing singer and also a great multi-instrumentalist – she knows what she wants to get from a record,” he says. “When the session was done I realized that I had achieved a huge mark in my career, and only four months after graduation.”

The track was recorded at Cia dos Técnicos in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – a facility Arthur previously spent a year at cutting his teeth before coming to Full Sail. It’s also the same studio Arthur’s father, a freelance audio engineer, often works with. William Luna, Jr. is a three-time Latin Grammy winner, and his wins include the coveted Best Engineered Album award.

The Luna family’s contribution to the Brazilian music industry goes back even further than that. Arthur’s grandfather was the owner of one of the first recording studios in Rio, which hosted artists like Brazilian legends Roberto Carlos and Tim Maia, as well as Stevie Wonder.

Arthur Luna is already on track to keep the family’s music lineage going into a new generation, and we’d like to send our congratulations as we’re finally able to hear his contributions to Shakira’s new self-titled release.



5 thoughts on “Grad Arthur Luna in the Studio with Shakira

  1. Avatar Arthur Luna says:

    Thanks James, that’s pretty awesome! Just a quick correction, I was the recording engineer during that session!

    Best regards,


    1. Avatar Junghun Jang says:

      Do you work in music industry? Can I ask you?

      1. Avatar Daniella Medina says:

        I think so, you should talk with him and clarify your doubts.

  2. Avatar Javier says:

    Grande Arthur!!! Saludos desde Argentina de un primo lejano!!!

  3. Avatar Bonnie Garza says:

    That’s amazing, Arthur. I always knew you would soar!!!

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