Grad and ‘Moriarty’ Comic Creator Co-Hosts G4TV’s ‘Fresh Ink’

Digital Media grad Daniel Corey recently appeared as guest host on an episode of G4TV’s popular online series Fresh Ink, where he spoke with host Blair Butler about the latest comic book releases. Daniel is the creator of Moriarty, a series published by Image Comics that has quickly gained a following since its debut in 2011.

Speaking about his appearance on Fresh Ink, Daniel explained, “Blair writes a comic for Image too, so I connected with her through the publisher. The show really liked what I was doing, and wanted to have me on. It was a lot of fun, and they said they’d like to have me back.”

In addition to offering his picks for the best new books, Daniel also dropped details about some exciting new plans for Moriarty during the show. This included the mention of an upcoming stage adaptation that’s currently in the planning stages, which he elaborated on for us.

“We have a script right now, I’m working with composer Ray Schnurr on the music, and we’re really pounding the pavement on getting that together,” he says. “I have a background in theater and we’re hoping to have some stage readings later this year to attract investors. It’s a big project in the making, but there’s a lot of opportunity for fun, and I’m really looking forward to it.”

Visit the Image Comics website for more information on Moriarty.