Grad Alvaro Fernandez: Author of iPad Book ‘Air Rising’

Remember when you were a kid and you were completely fascinated and delighted by bubbles? Well, Alvaro Fernandez never quite grew out of that. In fact, the Entertainment Business grad has focused his entire artistry on the study of rising air bubbles immersed in liquid. The result has been an extraordinary collection of photographs that he recently published as the iPad book Air Rising: A Photographic Journey.

“I started by trying to photograph raindrops to get that typical shot of a drop bouncing off the surface of a liquid and it came out wrong, but I noticed the bubbles under the surface and thought of photographing these,” Alvaro says. “I experimented using an aquarium full of water while I blew air through a tiny hose. I used a macro lens and a very high speed, and I immediately got results that I liked very much.”


His fans liked them too and his work began selling well at art exhibitions. “I was interested in publishing a book and I heard about iBooks Author, which is the software used to design books for iPad, and decided to work on it myself, mainly because I would not have to make a major investment since it would not require an inventory. If the book did not sell, I would not have a room full of boxes filled with unsold books,” he says.

Another advantage of going the iPad route was distribution. “My book is being sold in 32 countries, something that would have been very hard for me to achieve in such a short time.”


The world of iPad publishing was completely new to Alvaro. But digital publishing, especially for full-color photography books, is becoming an increasingly viable option for artists like him. They also come with an added bonus of providing readers with an interactive experience. “The reader is able to make photos larger by pinching on them, also sounds can be included in these, as well as video,” Alvaro says. “And the layout changes depending on how you hold the iPad, as a regular book in portrait mode or in landscape mode. Not to mention the vivid colors.”

For Alvaro, the process has been immensely rewarding because it has given him the ability to share his work with not just hundreds of fans, but thousands.