GPS Events: Some of Hall of Fame Week’s more exclusive gatherings

As Full Sail students know, racking up those GPS (Global Professionalism Standards) points can pay off pretty big. During Hall of Fame Week 2011, it really paid off. Select groups of students with high GPS rankings were invited to attend small-group sessions with this year’s Hall of Fame inductees, giving them the chance to sit down face-to-face with grads who have achieved substantial success in the industry, and ask nearly any question that was on their mind. FSBlog photographer Corby Morrison headed out to these GPS events, and, for those who weren’t lucky enough to attend, she snuck out with some of the tips and advice the students were given.


  • 2010 Hall of Fame inductee Leslie Brathwaite sat down on Monday with a group of five GPS students in the Audio Temple, where he told them about his post-graduation move to Atlanta and his rise through the ranks at Jermaine Dupri’s studio. His years of experience working with artists like TLC and Outkast have given Leslie a relaxed and humorous outlook on life in the studio, but one that’s tempered by complete professionalism. Leslie stressed that building relationships is incredibly important , and that it’s important for those relationships to grow organically. “Be careful with how you treat people,” he said. “Your intern today might be sending you a job – or be your boss – tomorrow.”


  • On Tuesday, 2009 Hall of Fame inductee Cordy Rierson took time to talk with a somewhat larger group of GPS students about her career path and her current work at Microsoft Games. Cordy started her career in film, with live action and digital integration, but was contacted by someone in the game industry who wanted to make games that were more cinematic. Although that career evolution was somewhat unconventional, Cordy actually relished the challenge, because “creativity is born of constraints. When there are more constraints, it requires people to become more creative to overcome those challenges.” Cordy also passed along some valuable advice on getting hired, saying that she looks for passion, critical thinking, and communication skills. Apparently, she’s been finding those skills in Full Sail grads, because she also mentioned that she’s hired three Full Sail grads in the last six months.


  • A small group of GPS students sat down on Wednesday with 2011 Hall of Fame inductee David Farmer and 2010 Hall of Fame inductee Marc Fishman in the Dubbing Stage to talk about sound design and sound mixing for film and television. The two discussed the difference between sound design and sound mixing – as Marc said, a designer creates and cuts up all the puzzle pieces, and the mixer has to put them all together – and provided advice on how to not only accept criticism of your work, but to use that criticism to make your work better. As David explained, “you are there to service the story, so don’t get too wrapped up in criticism.” “Don’t stop learning,” Marc added.