Going viral with Burnie Burns


Machinima – a medium that relies on real-time 3D computer graphics rendering engines to create cinematic animated features – has become an artform all its own, with its own set of rules and guidelines and a fanbase that has embraced the unique blend of elements from gaming, computer animation, and filmmaking. And in the world of machinima, there are few names that can hold a candle to Burnie Burns.

Burns – also known to fans as the voice of character Leonard Church, from the comic science fiction video series Red vsBlue – recently came to Full Sail University to speak to students about his career as the creative force and owner of web-based company Rooster Teeth. During his presentation at the Full Sail Live Venue, Burns spoke about his rise in the machinima community, and detailed how his Austin, Texas-based company rose to prominence withRed vsBlue, and later continued to develop its name with series such as Immersion and Captain Dynamic.

Following his presentation, Burns also answered questions from students and gave his insight about generating and building revenue streams off creative ideas and concepts.