Get on the Crew: Full Sail’s Live Production Clubs

There are two live production clubs on campus, and both give students hands-on experience running lights, monitors and video cameras or performing general stage hand duties.

One is the Show Pro Club, exclusively for students in the Show Production & Touring program. The other is the Student Crew, which is open to any student in any degree program.

The two production teams often work together at Full Sail events. Students in the Student Crew work on every major campus event, including graduations, grad fests, concerts, ESPN events, and special events, like the upcoming Full Sail’s Got Talent event.

Students in the Show Pro Club also work on these events, as well as MEISA open mic nights, BTS, the annual Full Sail haunted house, and local concerts and charity events.

Get Experience on the Student Crew

Susan Kelleher, Course Director for Lighting Concepts & Design, handles the crew calls for both groups. Because there are so many events on campus, Kelleher said there is a constant need for students in the Student Crew.

“We’d like to get more people of different disciplines. It’s open to anybody who wants to get their hands on live stuff,” said Kelleher. “We’ll teach you how to do stuff. If someone comes in from Game Design and they want to learn how to run a camera, we’ll teach them to run a camera.”

The Student Crew is organized through a Facebook group page. To get into the group, students simply have to request to join the Facebook group, and someone will approve them.

Once approved, students can see what events are coming up and which positions are needed. Students can sign up for the events they are interested in, and positions are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. A minimum call is usually eight people, said Kelleher.

We’ll teach you how to do stuff. If someone comes in from Game Design and they want to learn how to run a camera, we’ll teach them to run a camera.

The Show Pro Club

Show Production & Touring students get additional training working local shows like the annual Earthday Birthday music festival, the 98.9 Downtown Concert Series shows, and weekly shows at House of Blues.

“We’re really involved in the House of Blues,” said Kelleher. She sends about four to six students from the Show Pro Club to work House of Blues shows three to five times a week. Kelleher said the House of Blues has been so happy with the Show Pro students she sends that they’ve hired several of them on part-time.

“They’re mainly doing stage work, so they’ll help unload the truck, they’ll help set up the band, and then they get to watch the show. At the end of the show, they help pack up the gear and load the trucks again,” said Kelleher.

“If they’re going to go out on tour or if they’re going to even work with a local production company, pretty much anybody is going to start this job pushing road cases – it’s also a great way to make contacts.”

Recent shows students have assisted on include Girl Talk, Manchester Orchestra, David Sanborn and My Chemical Romance.

A Good Way to Get Involved and Enhance Your Resume

Working for the Student Crew or the Show Pro Club enables students to learn new skills and get access to special events (some of which are private).

The volunteer work also looks good on a resume, pointed out Herberto Velez, Course Director for Advanced Video Production and the video director for most Full Sail Live events.

“When they include that in a resume at the end of their stay at the school, an employer might look at that as a very positive thing,” said Velez. “I encourage them to write down everything they do.”

He added, “They’re very enthusiastic about being part of the whole entertainment business.”